New Grafton Baptist Church

New Grafton Baptist Church celebrates 100 years!

During the month of July, 2018, the New Grafton Baptist Church family will be celebrating 100 years! New Grafton Baptist Church, located at 4401...
America can put Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of love into practice today

America can put Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of love into practice today

By Richard Shadyac, Jr. (NAPS)—We don’t have to ask what Martin Luther King Jr. would say to us, if he’d lived to see this...

Bringing Health Care into the Community with CHOP

Just over 20 years ago, a parade of ‘frequent flier’ ER patients with poorly managed chronic diseases caught the attention of nursing leadership at...
Embrace the Future

Embracing the Future with Visionary Leadership

Rev. Michael Toliver and First Baptist Church, South Hill (Chesapeake, VA) By Billie Montgomery/ Cook Contributing writer It’s a pretty large physical plant, even maze- like as...

Do you have what it takes to be a prayer warrior?

In the Army of the Lord the prayer warrior is one of the most important contributors. Using the analogy of an army the Pope...
Faith and Help

Faith and Health

The majority of American adults believe in God. Did you know there is a link between faith (in God) and health? We as Christians...

‘Do it to the glory of God and not for your own glory.’

He states that if he had to (individually) count up all of his years of pastoring, the total would come to 145 years! If...

Reasoning for Righteousness

If retirement grants one the opportunity to do those things that give pleasure and renewed purpose to one’s life in a time of leisure...

The Role of a Pastor Goes Beyond Church Walls

To understand the old adage that “timing is everything” is know that it was without a doubt, God’s timing for the Rev. Dr. Joe...

Rev. Dr. Vaurice T. Chambers

Rev. Dr. Vaurice T. Chambers is a native of Biloxi, MS where he completed his early education at M.F. Nichols High School. He attended...

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