Book of 1 Chronicles
Book of Joshua
holy bible open to the epistle of paul the apostle to the philemon, on white

Philemon (in skit form)

Paul writes a letter to Philemon, probably a wealthy member of the Colossian church, to convince him to forgive his runaway slave, Onesimus, and...

Who Shall Be SAVED?

I am yet again gleaning from the thoughts and conversations that I heard as a child. I lived in an era of our...
Old open book

A Scrap-paper Bible

Suppose you could not have a Bible. This happened to some American soldiers back in the 60’s. On January...
Dramatic Lighting Of Mountain Sunrise With Easter Cross

“Jesus Paid It All”

As I reflect on some of the earlier years of my life, I remember the shear joy I experienced when after months, sometimes...

NIWSSU Conference Strengthens Foundation

Members and friends of the Nansemond and Isle of Wight Baptist Sunday School Union convened at Oak Grove Baptist Church East Washington St Suffolk,...
Group Bible Study


Confirmation - means showing the truth or accuracy of something. It’s a term I remember from the earliest of my...
Pulpit in cathedral

Great Commission

If a church is not actively participating in the Great Commission, then it is not a church.  If you are a preacher who is not...
Doves in flight


When I finish talking to someone on the phone, l have developed a habit of telling them “Shalom” which means “peace”.  When I...
Praying hands

Just a Little Talk

                                  Psalms  143:1  Hear my prayer, O Lord…..                 A prayer partner and friend from the state of Alabama shared...
New Grafton Baptist Church

New Grafton Baptist Church celebrates 100 years!

During the month of July, 2018, the New Grafton Baptist Church family will be celebrating 100 years! New Grafton Baptist Church, located at 4401...

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