Retreat: what does it mean?

The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘retreat’ as an act of moving back or withdrawing. This withdrawal is usually understood to be to a quiet and isolated location. In religious history through the ages, spiritual leaders, prophets, messengers of God have been known to retreat or withdraw to a secluded and silent place during times of tribulation and stress. The purpose of such a retreat was to spend time in communion with God, to meditate on his presence and creations and gain a better understanding of their purpose in life that is acceptable in the eyes of God.

A prayer retreat allows you to move away from the daily pressures and anxieties of life, to adopt new perspectives, change focus and return a reborn individual. A retreat spent in prayer is about forgetting your regular life and opening yourself up to the presence of God when there are no distractions.

The importance of prayer

Prayer at a retreat isn’t simply about interceding and confessing. Most believers and church leaders will tell you that prayer is a way of life. What they are basically trying to say is that prayer is a consciousness of the presence of God at every moment of your life. Leading a life of prayer implies living every moment as if God is privy to your every move, thought, word and action. It is also about living a life in accordance with the divine will of God.

Living a life of prayer

Before you can live a fruitful life of prayer, it is necessary to get a little practice and get an idea of how to go about it. Prayer retreats are the ideal place to learn the importance of God in your life and live a worthy and spiritual life.
The solace and rest that comes with prayer can ground you and bring focus back into your life.