3D rendering of wooden cross in blurred church interior with bokehs.

We’ve heard you East Coast: Greensboro, Charleston and Atlanta

HAVING CHURCH MAGAZINE is coming your way!!

As the newest and spunkiest kid on the publishing scene, Having Church Magazine has been around since 2006, locally based in Suffolk, Va. We are committed to obedience to God’s Word (Psalm 68:11, KJV) “. . . . The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” by profiling/ showcasing and highlighting excellence in ministerial leadership in our churches, communities and our world. Additionally, in the past 12 years, we have worked tirelessly to bring to readers news and information about local business and education professionals in our communities; political and civic leaders who are working to make a difference in our world. We applaud, salute and thank God for the work that they do.

Now, due to overwhelming support and requests from family, our friends, loved ones, fans and religious professionals up and down the East Coast, we are encouraged and excited to announce that Having Church will be coming your way soon . . . and very soon! New York, you’ve called; Philadelphia you’ve texted; Charlotte, you’ve emailed and Atlanta, you’ve talked to us in airports and we’ve heard all of you!!

So East Coast, we can’t be everywhere at once so let us hear from you! When your community, church or spiritual leader is celebrating something of significance or overcoming a major setback/ difficulty, please contact us at luepaper@aol.com or call (757) 714-3466.

Until we’ve worked out all of the “kinks and wrinkles” of expansion, keep us in your prayers and stay tuned for updates!

Thanks and God bless –
Lue Ward